Civil 3D 50 Tips & Tricks – Series #1 (1-10)

Hi everyone! I recently attended Autodesk Tech Camp and came across some important Civil 3D information that could help facilitate use of the software. I attended a course where Angel Espinoza, who works for Autodesk, was teaching Infrastructure Design Workflows and he gave everyone over 50 tips and tricks. I will be sharing the first 10 tips in this first series below. Enjoy!

autocad-civil-3d-badge-400px-social – Civil 3D Tips & Tricks 1-10

  1. Get to the point! Drag out point label & visit Properties Palette, set Leader Attach Opt=”Point” to move arrowhead to node.

  2. Merge survey databases? Export each to Survey LandXML. Import LandXML’s to new survey db – Do not process linework on import

  3. On Survey Tab, Double-click on point numbers or figure names in Preview area to zoom to the respective objects.

  4. Force a carriage return? The \P code will create a forced carriage return within point description labels.

  5. Some Map3D dialog boxes missing? Add C:\program files\autodesk\autocad2015\map\support\en-us to Support File Search Path.

  6. Creating a point style? On Marker Tab, Rt-Click within “AutoCAD Block Symbol area” & select browse to use a DWG for marker.

  7. Convert multiple splines to 3D polylines? Use PEDIT & select “Multiple” option, select splines, set precision.

  8. Using COGO Editor & want to enter Azimuths? Use this format N 125 23 45 (Represents an Azimuth of 125D 23′ 45″)

  9. Wanting placeholder sheet set fields to appear empty (as opposed to “—-“) on your titleblock? Set value to %%

  10. Straighten a skewed sample line? Select sample line, Rt-Click & choose “Make Orthogonal” from the menu.

Be on the look out for tips 11-20!

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