Adjusting Pipe Network Values in the Part Builder

A few clients in the past have needed to make adjustments to the values associated with structures used in their pipe networks.  Typically the issue is that the pipe should have a lower minimum clearance from the top of the structure. This clearance is listed in the program as Vertical Pipe Clearance.

Here is the default value:

Default Values in Civil 3D

The vertical pipe clearance value is actually a calculated value as seen under the Source column. Before we can adjust that value it’s only logical to understand how the value is currently calculated. To do so we will need to dig deeper into Civil 3D.

With a pipe network part selected expand Parts List from the Network Tools panel and select Part Builder.

Part Builder

From here select the structure catalog, highlight the type of structure you interested in, and press the edit parameters button.

Getting Started

If you expand Modeling and then Model Parameters you can right click on one of the parameters and select Edit

Model Parameters

This will get you to a listing of the parameters, the equation used and most importantly the description of the parameters.

Listed Model Parameters

Based on the SVPC value the equation is SSTh+SBPC that means Vertical Pipe Clearance is equal to the sum of the Slab Thickness and the Barrel Pipe Clearance.

To change the equation into a selection list click on the equation listed and change it to a set value such as 12

Right click on the Size Parameters branch and select Edit Value

Expand the drop-down and select Parameter Configuration

Parameter Configuration

From here scroll to the right until you find the value you wish to adjust.

She second column will adjust the data storage. If you want to have a selection list with available values, you can use the list option here.

Parameter Configuration List

Once the data storage has been set you can switch from Parameter Configuration to Values. From here find the value for the parameter you are trying to adjust. With it highlighted select the edit button in the top left corner of the dialog box.

Edit List

From here we can add additional values for the user to select.

Add Value to List

Once the adjustments have been made press the traffic light to validate your changes.


If the validation doesn’t catch anything wrong you can save and close the part builder.

Save Changes

Check your parts list and edit the part you adjusted to confirm the changes have been made.

New Selection List

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