Civil 3D Tips & Tricks Series #5 (41-50)

These next few Tips & Tricks are the fifth part of this 5 series set of tips. I hope they help you when working with Civil 3D. Enjoy!

autocad-civil-3d-badge-400px-social – Civil 3D Tips & Tricks 41-50


  1. Need more info? Select most any Civil 3D object & Rt-Click & choose “Inquiry” for quick access to the Inquiry tool.

  2. Rather have a polyline? Select a Line or Arc & Rt-Click & choose “Convert to Polyline”.

  3. Move point label components independently! Select point – Hover over top grip & choose “Toggle sub item grips”.

  4. Select cogo points & use right-click menu to adjust datum, or have points aquire elevation from a surface.

  5. CREATENEWSURVEYFIGURE command creates custom survey figures from point shots. (Insert from database to DWG when finished.)

  6. When auto sizing parcels, minimum area defaults to Sq. Ft. — To use Acres, enter Xacre (where X = # of acres)

  7. An icon for the Map Task Pane has been added to the Home Tab. Expand the Palettes panel to find it!

  8. Working in older DWG & viewcube is “out-of-sync” with coordinate system? Choose “top” view from in-canvas menu to fix!

  9. Create point & figure groups on the Survey Tab to easily share specific content with other DWGs.

  10. Control draworder of parcel styles! Rt-click parcel group in Prospector & select properties then visit Composition tab.

Thanks for reading!

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