Fix Blurry Captured Aerial Images From Live Maps

It’s been a few years since Autodesk has added the integration of Live Bing Maps with AutoCAD based products.  It’s really helpful function that elevates aerial users of the traditional tasks of downloading, importing, format converting, scaling, rotating, etc…
As much time as the Live Bing Maps function can save us versus the traditional route, there are a couple of popular drawbacks from using the this function… or so most would think.  One is how often Bing Maps updates their images versus Google’s more often updated images.  While Google does update their aerial images more often, the functionality built-in with Live Bing Maps and AutoCAD based products, makes it to where the aerial images match up on the centerline of roads…basically there might be a couple of landmarks that Bing Maps are not exactly lined up on, but you’ll notice that if you scroll a mile or two down the image they also match up on the centerline of roads as well….so no worrying about what angle the satellite took the image from. And in the scenario where you need to have a more up-to-date image in your project, you’ll be able to use Bing Maps to lineup up your other image a lot easier and more accurate.
Now on to the main topic of discussion, which is the resolution of the image after it’s been captured.  Often I hear the issue of a blurry image from Live Bing Maps after it’s been captured.
The process to fix this issue is fairly simple.  The image resolution is subject to how far you are zoomed in when capturing an image….so right about here is when you say “what if I need good resolution of a large area?”…well here are the steps you would take:
First capture the entire area


Turn off map
Notice when I zoom in, that the image is now blurry


Select the outer frame of the image…you’ll notice the Map Image Ribbon populate across the top of your screen. At this point zoom as far into the image as you can and click the Reload Image button.


Using this process along with changing the Map resolution to “Very fine” will get you the resolution you require.


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