Geolocation Online Map – Simple Quick Fix

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I am here to help out with an issue that many users have been having. People have tried turning on their online maps at times and it not working for them. I have found a quick trick to solve this problem. This all has to do with your Autodesk Account being linked to your web browser. You will need to sign out of your account in Civil 3D and also in the web browser that you use such as Internet Explorer. I will show you in the following steps how to easily fix this problem.

This is what many are seeing in the command line even though nothing happens when they try and turn on the online maps.


First you will need to go to the upper right hand corner in Civil 3D and sign out of your A360 account.



After you have signed out, the options you will see in your drop down may look like the picture below. Next click where it says “A360”. This will automatically open your web browser and take you to your A360 account.


 Once in the browser, go to the top right hand corner and sign out of your account by navigating and clicking on the following.



Sign out and Close Browser.

Close Civil 3D.

Open other Autodesk products (AutoCAD, AutoCAD Map 3d, etc.) and make sure that you are not signed into your A360 account on those products. Sign out if you are.

Close all products and open Civil 3D.

Civil 3D should recognize that you are fully signed out of A30 and you should proceed by signing back in.



You should see your username back in the upper right hand corner of Civil 3D once signed back in and you can proceed to opening the file that you have set a coordinate system to. Once the drawing is open you will be able to turn your online map back on.


Thank you for viewing this post and I hope it helped you out! Keep checking back on our page for more helpful information!

Anthony Echeverria

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