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Do you have a multi-page PDF that you use for RFI’s and review? Did you know you can batch link the pages together for easy navigation saving countless hours of time? Bluebeam can help with this. Here is a guide to help show you how this can be done.



This is a screenshot of a sheet created in Revit and saved as a PDF. Bluebeam can recognize the text in the document and add hyperlinks to the section views you see in the image above, giving users the freedom to click on a section head and have the corresponding sheet display for easy review.

The first step in this process is creating the PDF and opening it up in Bluebeam.







The next screenshot displays a thumbnail view of the PDF file and all the sheets that are included within. The highlighted numbers indicate default labels for each sheet. We need to change this to match the sheet information in the title block. Click the Create Page Labels command and use this to map the title block information.

Next, click the Page Region radio button and set the Page Range, then click Select. Doing this allows you to draw a box around the region you wish to extract the data from.

BB-03           BB-04

You can also add more fields of selection as well. In this case I want the label to read the sheet number and the sheet name so I will add another selection.

BB-05 BB-06

Click OK and Bluebeam will go through the document and apply the selections to your new label names.



The next step is to run the Batch Link command located in the File tab in the ribbon.


Choose Add Open Files as long as this is the only file you are working in, then select Next.


Select the Page Label option, the Generate button, then Run.


Test by hovering over and clicking a link in the document. You should be directed to the appropriate page.


That’s it, you’ve just batch linked your multi-page pdf in Bluebeam. This can also work with scanned documents but you must run the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tool before adding labels and batch linking.

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