New 2017 modules available for Civil 3D!

If you’ve installed your 2017 Autodesk software, you might have noticed the newly revamped Autodesk desktop app. The Autodesk desktop app keeps Autodesk Subscription customers informed of product updates, new releases, new features, and special subscriber-only learning and training materials, as they become available. –
Over the last couple of weeks the modules for Civil 3D 2017 became available for active subscribers, so you can now go to your Autodesk desktop app and download the 2017 River & Flood Analysis Module, the 2017 Civil View Module, the 2017 Geotechnical Module, and the 2017 Bridge Module.


C3D Modules

If you run into any issues while implementing these modules, feel free to reach out to us directly at (504) 818-3091. – Michael DeJesus

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