New Performance Enhancement for Civil 3D

Attention all Civil 3D Users!


A quick but important update.  I don’t know if you all heard, but Autodesk released a “Performance Enhancement” for Civil 3D. What does that mean?  For some time now we have always complained about Drawing Bloat with Civil 3D drawing files.   i.e.  slow performance opening, maneuvering, closing etc.   This Enhancer can be applied to Civil 3D releases 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017  Here is the link to Autodesk Discussion Groups website for the nitty gritty parts, (make sure to read for an Enterprise solution).  Thanks to Louisa Holland for posting an update:


One of the excitements of this was it appeared to speed sluggish files up and reduce file size.  Hey what a concept!   Now I don’t think there are any guarantees that this is going to help all files but I have noticed a difference with some of the testing I have done.  So whatever Autodesk did here, it appears to be working!


 Here was my test in Civil 3D 2016:

  • My Pipes 2016 Civil 3D DWT Template was 960kb on C3D 2016, SP2. Said Template takes approx. 6 seconds to open, and starting new files.

  • I then applied C3D 2016 SP3 to my application. Remember this part, per link above.

  • I then opened up my Pipes 2016 Civil 3D DWT Template, (same as above) after applying SP3 and perform a SAVE. BAM, said Template is now 630kb, and the next time I go to open it takes approx. 3 seconds.


A pretty un-scientific experiment, but a noticeable difference!  File size alone has been reduced to 1/3 its original size.  We would love to have your feedback, and your personal observations on what you see.


Ken Martinez, ACI

Civil/Survey/GIS Technical Specialist.

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